Leadership Experience

Experience and Innovation Combined

Although I am not currently working with a team of developers. I enjoyed about three years managing a great team of five to six developers. I feel I was able to coach them into what at the time was a new direction for them. During that three years we moved from Laravel to Vue.js and learned an incredible new toolset

What The Team Has Said

A Positive Culture

 I want to thank you so much for helping me grow as a developer over the years. I am grateful for everything you’ve taught me! Sending positive energy your way. 

Jordan C.

-Full Stack Developer 1-

Adaptable and Dedicated

Exceptional virtual support! This team flawlessly manages admin tasks, enabling me to focus on core business.

-Product Manager-


Dear Greg, I sincerely appreciate your assistance and the thoughtful response you provided. Writing in a similar style has always been a challenge for me, so your help means a lot.

James J.

-Full Stack Developer 3-

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